Welcome to FoG Trade!

What is this?

If you’ve stumbled upon this site, you’re probably wondering what it is. This is a SteamRep partner community site that facilitates the report of scams in the Steam community.
Put simply, you can report fraud here, which will lead to a ban on the accused’s SteamRep profile if they are guilty.
In case you’ve been banned, you may appeal that here.
All reports and appeals are handled by staff of the FoG community and bans made are mirrored on SteamRep.
Thus, everyone using SteamRep's API will see all bans handed out from here.

To use all functions, please make sure you're logged in!

Reporting a scam

To report a scam or attempt, simply login and click the "Report a scam" button above.
For more information about how to properly make a report, please see the guides linked above the form. form.

Appealing a ban

If you currently have a "BANNED BY FoG" or "FoG CAUTION" tag on SteamRep - and have not already made an appeal - you can appeal your tags here.
To do so, please click on "File an appeal" above and read the instructions posted in the guides shown above the form.


We are are currently looking for trade moderators, as well as middlemen! Please click here and read the stickied threads to learn more.
To see a short summary of an account (e.g. if there are any reports against them here), please enter their Steam ID below.