Selling knives/unusuals for cash.

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If you're reading this, you added me to sell a knife or unusual for cash, and the person you had in mind was a scammer. This happens all the time, the fact is that the CS:GO and TF2 economies are flooded with scammers offering too-good-to-be-true deals for cash. Attempting to sell a knife or unusual for cash is very difficult and should only be done by someone with extensive cash trading experience.

Before you do anything else, you should consider selling the knife/unusual for keys, and then the keys for cash, rather than selling the item for cash. It is very difficult to find legitimate buyers for these items in cash, but keys are safe to sell, and you will easily find legitimate buyers for them. I can link you to one if you need help finding one once you've sold your item for keys.

CS:GO Tips
In order to sell your item, try sites like CS:GO Lounge, or r/globaloffensivetrade

CS:GO Lounge is infested with scammer bots and if you advertise there, you will receive friend requests from scammers. You need to be careful, so read these two guides before making any attempt to trade there:

r/globaloffensivetrade requires you to sign up with a flair, which identifies your steam account and links it to your reddit account inside that subreddit. You may have success here with higher tier knives.

Another alternative is to sell your knife/skin on the steam community market. You will lose 13% of the total sale to steam taxes, then you can buy keys from the in game store for 2.49 each, and sell those for cash when they become tradable through a middleman.

TF2 Tips
In order to sell your unusual, consider listing it on sites like tf2outpost,, and Another site called allows you to sell your item directly for cash without needing a middleman or taking any risk at all.

These sites are a lot cleaner than the CS:GO trading sites, but still read these guides before using them:

Keep in mind that item verification is a scam, and you should never give your items to someone unless you are receiving something in return, and it is an equivalent or beneficial trade.
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