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What's the point in making a report here?
If you make a report here, and it is accepted by one of our Trade admins, the user you reported will be banned on multiple TF2 communities and Trading sites that use the SR API. For instance, a ban from us will result in you being unable to use TF2Outpost, and CSGOLounge, among others.

What do the different prefixes mean?
We mainly use 7 different prefixes. These are:
-Pending: This is for reports that haven't been looked at by an admin, they will either have this prefix or none at all.
-Need More Information: This is for reports that are lacking key information, that the victim is required to provide, be it item histories etc. The evidence in question will be vital to the report and without it we wouldn't be able to ban the user.
-Under Investigation: This means that our trade admins will do some extra research on his own, mostly this includes speaking to the accused to gather their side of the story in certain circumstances.
-Ready for Review: This means that one of our junior trade moderator had a look at the report. He believes that everything that should be there is there. The report is currently pending for a senior trade moderator to review it.
-Pending Tag: This means that the report has been reviewed and accepted by a senior trade moderator. Remaining part is that it is currently pending a tag in the database. This usually takes up to 24 hours.
-Accepted: The report has been accepted and a tag has been applied in the database.
-Resolved: The report got resolved where both parties ended happy.
-Rejected: The person reported has not met the criteria for being banned.
-Invalid: There is missing information that hasn't been met to enforce action against the accused, while we don't want to outright deny it we cannot accept it either.
-Archived: This mainly means that the report does not fall under our investment policy.

I don't know how to fill out a report, who can help me?
We have several Trade moderators working in reports, any of these moderators will happily assist you in making a report if you ask nicely.
The team currently exists out: 
@n0:name (SCA moderator)
@Tio José das Vacas (SCA moderator) 
@Ninja Otter With A Taco (Senior moderator) 
@Enstage (Senior moderator) 

English is not my native language, is there someone who can help me translate or help set up stuff for my report?
Some of our moderators do speak another language beside english.
You are able to contact n0name for the German language.
You are able to contact Tio José das Vacas for the Portuguese language.

I've already reported the user on SteamRep, can I report them here?
It depends on when the report was made, if the report was made recently (within 1 months) the answer is no, however if the report was made a while ago (1+ months ago) then feel free to post it here and request for the report to be closed on SteamRep, this is to keep everything organized and so reports don't get accepted twice by different communities. If you do forward it, be sure to request a closure on the report. 

What do the different tags mean?
There are currently 4 different types of tags on SteamRep. These are:
Caution: This means that the user was reported however the offence wasn’t big enough to warrant a Banned by tag.
Banned By <x>: This means that you were banned by a certain community that has a partnership with Steamrep. This will mean that your access has been denied from various trading sites and many servers. 
<x> Admin: This means that you're an Admin for a community, any full FoG Trade Moderator will have a green tag saying "FoG Admin" to stop any impersonation attempts.
<x> Middleman: This means that you are a trusted member of a certain community, similarly to the Admin tag, each community gets control over who receives this tag, this also shows who is trusted and is used to stop impersonation attempts.

Q: Am I able to appeal a tag that has been given to me?
Yes, you are able to appeal a BANNED BY tag and a CAUTION tag.
A CAUTION tag will be removed if:
 -You provide us the correct evidence showing that you do not deserve a caution tag.
A BANNED BY tag will be removed if:
 -You can provide us the with evidence that you are innocent.

What happens if I produce false evidence?
If you fake evidence, you won't be allowed to report any more scams to us, any scams you have reported to us before, will be reviewed by an admin to make sure that no evidence is faked (and if there is faked evidence found, the ban will immediately be reverted), and you will end up with a BANNED BY tag. If you feel like someone has faked evidence, please contact an admin either through a private message on the forums, by pressing the report button at the post or by adding them on steam and provide them with any evidence you have to show that they provided false evidence.

Am I allowed to make a report for someone else?
Yes, we support that you are helping people with making reports. If you are making a report in the name of someone else, please make sure that the victim is confirming the attempt here. Otherwise we won’t be able to go on with the report.

When I am making a report here, where do I have to upload the evidence I have?
All evidence you have gathered must be uploaded to our own filehosting website. This website can be found here.
Any report where the evidence isn't uploaded to our filehosting website will be archived, or you will be requested to still do so, since we cannot guaranty on how long it will be hosted there. We can guaranty that it will be there once it is hosted on our filehosting website.

Why is my report taking so long?
Mostly your report should be done within a few days. There barely are cases that it takes longer than 1 week. If it does take longer than 1 week. We are extremely sorry for this. We are trying our best to process the reports as quick and good as possible.

What are the rules about reports to do with trading with scammers?
We don't review TWS reports anymore, please read this.
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