HOW TO: Appeal a Scammer Tag

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To appeal, you will be required to sign up to FoG Trade. Selecting "Sign in through STEAM" will bring you to a new page where account setup can be completed.  

After this is completed, select 'File an appeal' above to begin submitting your appeal.

Input your SteamRep block within this box. The SteamRep block of a user can be retreived by clicking the 'Convert SteamID' button next to the box. Copy either the accused's SteamID32, SteamID64, or CustomURL, paste it into the converter, and click 'Convert'. The accused's SteamRep block will automatically generate within the box. 

Select the reason for appealing from the drop-down menu.

Provide a short description of why you are appealing, why your tag should be removed/downgraded, why FoG may have been incorrect in your tagging, and other information that may be useful in your appeal.

Provide any evidence you have that may help your appeal. All evidence MUST BE uploaded to the FoG filehosting site.

To upload screenshots to our filehosting site, you can select 'Browse' from the side of the box and select all images you would like to upload directly from your computer. After selecting your files, press 'Upload', and links to the files should automatically appear within the box. 

If you have screenshots from our file hosting sites, you can click 'Import from site,' copy and paste the link into the box, and select 'Import'. The links should automatically appear within the box. NOTE: Importing from other sites is limited to imgur, gyazo, iamgeshack, and 

Important notes
- Include everything you can supply as evidence against your tag.
- Your Steam account MUST be fully public when appealing ('friends only'/'user only' is not sufficient).
- All alternative accounts must be disclosed (even those of family/friends who may share your IP).
- You will get one chance to appeal, most of the time.
 - If you are adding screenshots, please view the following requirements and notes:

In rare occasions, the trade admin handling your appeal may send you friend request through Steam to ask additional questions.

Lying, holding back relevant information, or simply falsifying evidence will result in your appeal being rejected and you receiving a permanent ban on our forums. 
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21.07.2016 01:18:09
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