What is a middleman, and can one help me?

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A middleman is a user who is trusted by the community to enable safer transactions that involve risk, but there are some types of trades a middleman cannot help you with. Below is an explanation of the process, and a list of things middlemen can and cannot help you trade.

User A: Seller
User B: Buyer
MM: Middleman

When a trade is to be made using an MM, the MM will take the item from User A, and hold it. The middleman will then tell User B to send the money or other commodity to user A directly. The MM will then ask User A if they have received the payment. If User A confirms they have received the payment, the MM will send the item to User B. The middleman will not touch the money at any point, that is against protocol.
If User A tells the MM that they did not receive payment, and User B insists that they did send it, the MM will request screenshots from both User A and User B in order to determine who is lying. The MM will never send the item until they are certain that no scam will have occurred. 

What will middlemen help me trade?

TF2, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rocket League items for cash. (Cash meaning paypal, bitcoin, or skrill.)
TF2, CS:GO, Dota 2 items for Rocket League items. (Rocket League inventories are isolated from steam and cannot be put into a trade window.)
Certain in game gambling activities. For example, spycrabbing and heavy boxing in TF2. Some middlemen are not willing to middleman a game like that, so you will have to hunt for one if you choose to seek such a service.

What will middlemen NOT help me trade?

Any kind of code. Middlemen are not permitted to middleman for any kind of code. This includes game codes, wallet codes, redeemable in game item codes (like the twin galaxy hoodie in H1Z1), paysafecard codes, iTunes codes. Codes are off limits, so please do not request that a middleman help you with that.
Account trades. Middlemen will not help you trade your account or buy an account. Account trading is against steam terms of service (ToS) and is strictly forbidden. To make a trade like this, you will be on your own.
Trades involving currencies that are not on steam. For example, riot points from league of legends. If the game is not on steam, middlemen will not help you trade items from it. The reason being that steamrep only investigates fraud based around steam games, and it does not specialize in other types of microeconomies. 

Make sure when using a middleman that you verify who the middleman is before you make a trade using them. Visit this link to learn more.
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