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Type: Change of Heart
| steamname: Twine
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Alternate accounts
| steamname: -----
| steam3ID: [U:1:393064893]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:196532446
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| steamname: Im that good
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Hello my name is Tyson I was banned I believe a year ago now from the day and havent been able to appeal because of the shutdown of Lethal Trade Zone... First and foremost I want to thank you guys SO MUCH, for taking the appeals from Lethal Trade Zone, for the last year now of me not being able to appeal... I get questions all the time about how I got a steamrep ban, them calling me scum and a peace of Sh*t... Which I 100% rightfully deserve. And still today 1 year later I can still say I regret doing what I did because I wouldnt be in the place I am now waiting for this whole year to appeal, all I can thank is myself. I would like to thank F.O.G once again for taking my appeal and everyones elses appeals from Lethal Zone as we have been despertly waiting. Thank you guys once again!

     Alt accounts; 
So on Steamrep it shows that there are four accounts that I am connected to which I had connection to in the past. The alternative accounts I linked in the Alternative accounts box are the ones I currently have a hold of. this account was my Alt- but I traded it to a friend who needed an account that was ranked for this unranked account which I sometimes use. I am still active on that account and for account that is my brothers account which he NEVER uses anymore! Last but not least I also had account I still have the username and password but my phone broke and I got this account from an ex-friend so I have no proof of retiriving the account. Therefore the only two accounts that I still have active too are the ones I linked in the Alternative accounts box.

My memory isnt to fresh as this happened 1 year ago when I was 13 (Now 15) so I hope you guys can give me another shot... I miss going on trade servers and going on reddit but once again I think my punishment was rightfully deserved.


     First and Foremost I do admit to the scam that I have been convicted of. I do regret my decision of scamming him in the first place, and that is way I gave everything back that I took 2 weeks later. I do have a reason for why I scammed him in the first place later in this appea I will get to that  l. I hope you will give me a chance to redeem my self and for an update like in Febuary or something I readded the victim and I told him how sorry I was for taking his items in the first place and I appolgized to him multiple times and asked if he could forgive me and all he said was " I will forgive you if you give me some keys"

When I got scammed out of 12 keys you can imagine I was mad. Me not thinking of the consequences that could occur, I find this guy on Reddit named "Riknad0" and I talked to him show him my rep etc to buy keys. I told him I would like to buy 27 keys and He sends me the trade offer for 27 keys and I accept the trade offer. I then message him saying something among these lines " I am sorry bro I would like to apologize for what I have done I know its wrong but I really need these keys back" And he giving me a response saying " Fuck you" And " How could you do this to me?" And I call him (On steam voice chat) I tell him that I am sorry for what I did I decide to give back 12 keys so that I have only scammed 15 at that time. I believe the day after that occurred I told him that I will repay him if he keeps me added so that morning I give him $5.95 via PayPal to repay for 15 keys so that I got my 12 back that I got scammed of in the first place. Then he deletes me off steam.

As I say I was going to repay him back I check my Steam rep and I see that I got banned. So I decided to add him back and give him him the 12 keys hoping that he can clear it all up and tell the moderator that he had added to unban me from Cash Rep. So I give him back the 12 keys in 2 different trade offers hoping that he can just tell the moderator that nothing ever happened and that he was kidding about me scamming him. And he blocks me after I give the keys back of course because I do believe that I also deserved it.

All in all I kept my promise to give the keys back like I said from the beginning but I still understand that I did wrong doing of scamming him in the first place and being immature. I let my emotions get to me, for the last 12 months I have not been able to appeal my ban, nor go on any trade server/post on reddit so finding trades was very had as I have still found ways to profit (Which is alot harder). I would like to again, if Riknad0 sees this I am sorry for what I have caused to you and I am happy that I was able to give you the keys that I had scammed from you back.

I hope you guys see that I have changed in this last year I commited this offensce when in the summer of going into my freshman year in highschool and I have matured for now fully understanding my wrong doing, in this past year I have scammed no one! and this was the only scam I have ever commited and regret doing it. Just to think that this all started about 12 keys 30 dollars and has probably costed me 5 times as much just blows my mind and once again I can't blame anyone but myself.

Thank you guys again here at F.O.G for taking everyones appeals from Lethal Zone and escpecially mine I can't thank you guys enough for this I have been waiting and waiting and you have taken ALL of them! Just thank you once again so much and I hope that we can get this sorted out

Thank you
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