Appeal: 76561198054862332 (-GoV- Aditya #ChristmasDeals)

Type: Other / another reason
| steamname: -GoV- Aditya #ChristmasDeals
| steam3ID: [U:1:94596604]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:47298302
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Alternate accounts
Good Day to those reading this.
It has been nearly 316 Days today that my tag was downgraded to a Caution, and although I have not been trading much since the last 6 months and probably wont do much trading anymore in general, I thought it would be advisable to appeal for a complete removal of my ban to help me restore my reputation.

The prior appeal provided proof to the trades made which caused me to get the bans in the first place, the result of which found that none of the trades occured when the people were banned or had signs of obvious scammer accounts.
Furthermore, ever since the Caution Tag, i have successfully brokered hats for Traders satisfactorily and without running on any of them.

I am additionally linking the Downgrade Appeal for your reference:

Moving Further i would like to list my Alternate Accoutns here as well:

For some reason there are 5 Alts linked to my name, but i dont know who the other three are, so i would also request if they could be removed from there as well.

Once again a Big Thank You to those who will expend energy and time on reviewing this appeal.
Have a Great Day.
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22.12.2016 10:50:46
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03.01.2017 20:08:28